About Abode Interiors

Our aim is to provide a quality carpentry and cabinet making service at an affordable cost, without having to pass on the extra expenses of a larger company, such as showroom costs & sales staff. Our goal is to provide a reliable personal service, which is tailored to the requirements of the individual client. We are committed to using cer tified quality wood from sustainable sources, as far as possible, and we avoid using toxic products in all finishes and paintwork. Our policy is to be clear and open with all customers, with no hidden extras on the final bill. We stand by our word through our ventures.

The initial stages of the order involve developing a schematic that balances design considerations, functionality and your personal requirements. Once approved, the individual components are mapped out.

Block materials are then shaped, drilled and planed into product components, before being sanded and run through a series of quality assessment protocols. The nature of your specifications will determine whether components are machined or handcrafted.

Critical to making good furniture is the process of assemblage. Joiners and specialist craftsmen work to assemble and finish each product, which are then sent from the factory floor to the packaging department.

After a final quality check, products are secured in fortified packaging cases and delivered to your doorstep via express cargo services.